The year is 98GE, the end of the “First Century of the Republic” a hundred-year span that saw a small nation, blessed by the gods themselves, rise to control a mighty trade empire that quickly collected other nations and peoples under one united mantle. From the rocky, unwelcoming home shores of Drudwar, to the fertile farmlands of Cera, from the scorching savannah of Rym to the wind-blasted tundras of Elykwend, from the sweltering jungles of Vor-Rak to the metropolitan archipelago of Delphi, the Republic serves and connects all its people— but it is not without enemies.

Threats new and old, known and unknown, human, and inhuman lurk in the shadows, on the borders, and, sometimes in plain sight, waiting for their chance to strike.

In a small town, in a small duchy, in the farthest corner of the agrarian nation of Cera, four young, budding adventurers are banding together to assist their hometown with the increasing number of odd occurrences that plague its populace.

Only time will tell what awaits them on the Ragged Edge of the Republic.

The Ragged Edges of the Republic