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The world, Thardot, made of earth and stone and water, is the home of all life – Good and bad, friendly and malevolent, dangerous and tame.
Two moons hang in the sky. One white (Ocawyn’s Moon) and one black (Elyk’s Moon), the white is larger, and slower, while the black is small and quick to cross the sky.


384 Days – 12 Months – 32 Days Each – 24 Hour Days

Ceramorn – New Year’s Celebration (Cerawin)
Plantith – Spring Equinox, Planting Festival

Glaysan – Summer Solstice (Glaysa)
Ganith – Burning Hammer Festival (Gani)

Sheafturn – Festival of the White Moon (Ocawyn)
Harventen – Autumn Equinox, Harvest Festival

Freydith – Winter Solstice (Freyd)

Ocawyn’s Moon has a 32 day cycle that begins again at the beginning of every month (on Glaysday). Each Singersday indicates the peak of the four cycles of Ocawyn’s Moon and are thusly celebrated by the artists and performers of the world.

4 Weeks a Month – 8 Days a Week

Days of the Week:

Glaysday – The day when work starts at dawn.
Elyksday – Traditional day of burial and reverence for the dead.
Singersday – Day of rest and reflection ( Republic observed, less-so in Cera)
Fravday – Last day of the academic week, typical day for tests.
Bakersday – Merchants, artisans and shopkeepers prepare for Marketsday.
Marketsday – Farmers bring produce to market, refill their supplies. Biggest day for merchants and traders.

Traditionally in the Delphian calendar, people work for three days, take the fourth day off, work the next three days, with the eighth day as a “market day” where farmers come into their towns to sell their wares and resupply their pantries. The first Marketsday of the month is the largest in large cities, as merchants, traders and farmers from smaller communities converge on the larger cities to trade on a larger stage. General Stores refill their shelves on these days and trading houses base their income on these occasions.

While it is not unheard of to bury the dead outside of Elyksday, it is consider more appropriate to bury the dead when Elyk’s Moon is fullest in the sky. As Elyk’s Moon is only observable after nightfall, funerals and celebrations of the dead are only held after dark.

Main Page

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